What is a Granny Flat?

A Granny Flat can be defined as a self-contained secondary dwelling that is built on the same property as your main home. A Granny Flat can either be within or attached to the main home, however it is generally situated at the rear of the property, sharing the yard with the main home. When comparing it to your main home, it is smaller in size and can be divided by a fence for privacy.

  • Are you running out of room and selling your family home isn’t an option?
  • Do your Grandparents/ Parents require an affordable living arrangement after downsizing their family home?
  • Is your child studying at University and requires their own quiet sanctuary, but can’t afford to move out of home yet?
  • Would you like to earn an additional source of income?
  • Why not choose a Granny Flat?

Why choose a Granny Flat

  • Self Contained – Has all of the features of a home
  • Profitable – Generate a source of additional income (Positive gearing)
  • Investment – Adds value to your home
  • Extra room – For your family or business
  • Affordable – Built to your budget
  • Simple process – We do it all for you from start to finish
  • Customised – To suit your needs

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